What Happens When I Die?

This conversation of the day I found particularly intriguing. As the clock strikes 10pm, I ask a simple question.

“When you go to work tomorrow, what are you planning on eating?”

Now, you may be confused. I am not sure how all of you wives run your households, but I am the cook. I make breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Day in and Day out, no excuses, except for an occasional run to China Wok when i’m feeling lazy or I “forgot” to go grocery shopping on a busy Sunday. I decided to put my SO to the test today. What happens when Wifey over here isn’t around to make you lunches?

Now, you may be thinking “how rude, she didn’t even warn the poor guy!” and that is where you’re wrong. As I am sitting here at 10:55pm this will be my third time warning him about the absence of his lunch.

“I wish I had the chicken (MY LEFTOVERS FROM CHINA WOK) I had today, it was so good!” is his response.

So here comes the real question, if I die, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO EAT? Surprisingly this is not the first time this has happened. Last week, I did this same experiment, and you will never guess what he brought to work… A jar of cottage cheese….

I still haven’t received my answer, I am assuming he will just live off cottage cheese and lays potato chips for a while. Stay tuned.



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