Trying Healthy

On a side note, I have been trying to be healthier and try different methods and thought I would share for all the ladies out there who are looking for some honest input. I am nowhere near where I want to be health wise especially since I am getting married in less than 4 months and since I used to be a lot more fit.

About a year ago I had knee surgery and right after I had three bulging disks in my spine. All is well now but my body does have some weak areas just for those of you who don’t want opinions from some health nut that will say everything is easy and quinoa is the best tasting grain in the world.

Anyway first I want to talk about Orange Theory. My soon to be cousin-in-law told me to give it a try and I decided to do just that. I got the plan that was 8 days per month and $99.00. First of all I want to say for what you get, the prices are ridiculous. You get two one hour classes per week. You also have to schedule them in advance, pay if you miss it, and it is all mainly cardio. Do not get me wrong, cardio is what I honestly needed but UGH! I was also promised that they would set up meal plans for me, they would have challenges, and they were like a family. Not one person talks while working out, I have not gotten help with my poor eating habits after asking multiple times, and I haven’t really seen any improvement. I know that all might sound bad but for the two months I had it, it got me motivated to do more. I go to the gym and I am motivated to lose weight, I just don’t believe it had anything to do with the workouts that Orange Theory provided.

Another one of my recent healthy adventures was the Blueprint Juice Cleanse. Now I am not a fan of juice cleanses but I need to fit into my jeans before it actually gets cold here in Florida. For me, the green juice and the beet juice were absolutely disgusting. I could manage the beat juice although it turned my poo bright red but the green. I could not even smell without nearly vomiting. I don’t know how much I lost but after a day I felt a lot less bloated. It definitely worked making me feel better and I would totally do it again minus the green and beat juice.

I am currently starting the Sweat App and honestly so far so good. The workouts definitely make me feel like i’m working hard and with my schedule it is so easy to fit it in. It is also only $13.99 a month and for a student that makes life so much easier. You can also do the workouts anywhere like in your living room, in the park, at the gym, whatever you want. The cardio is also like a do what you want type thing which is awesome because I really like swimming. They also provide a meal plan with a grocery list and its awesome because I make food and go grocery shopping every week and it just takes the burden away because I know I am eating healthy and I don’t even have to think about what I can make that is healthy.

I hope this helped you guys out. I may post progress stuff on here and tell you what helped me the most and my favorite recipes but i’m done ranting for now.


How to Cook Brown Broccoli

This week has been quite the week in general. First off, after I started blogging, my SO decided he was going to be on his best behavior which is not helping my case.

Second, it’s finals week AKA “hell week” or in my case weekend. I had one final today and I have two tomorrow. Ugh

ANYWAY, as I was on my way home from my final, my Fiancé called and said “the broccoli is brown, is it bad? How do I cook it.”

Let me tell you, this turned into a full-fledged argument. I told him that if the broccoli looks bad, then toss it and replace it with the green beans we have in the refrigerator. He then got super upset because the green beans do not go in the same pan as the broccoli would and I guess his brain just couldn’t process using another pan.

I love this man to bits and pieces but come on, who would cook bad food knowing good and well that it is bad? Can’t live with them, can’t live without them; am I right?

What Happens When I Die?

This conversation of the day I found particularly intriguing. As the clock strikes 10pm, I ask a simple question.

“When you go to work tomorrow, what are you planning on eating?”

Now, you may be confused. I am not sure how all of you wives run your households, but I am the cook. I make breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Day in and Day out, no excuses, except for an occasional run to China Wok when i’m feeling lazy or I “forgot” to go grocery shopping on a busy Sunday. I decided to put my SO to the test today. What happens when Wifey over here isn’t around to make you lunches?

Now, you may be thinking “how rude, she didn’t even warn the poor guy!” and that is where you’re wrong. As I am sitting here at 10:55pm this will be my third time warning him about the absence of his lunch.

“I wish I had the chicken (MY LEFTOVERS FROM CHINA WOK) I had today, it was so good!” is his response.

So here comes the real question, if I die, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO EAT? Surprisingly this is not the first time this has happened. Last week, I did this same experiment, and you will never guess what he brought to work… A jar of cottage cheese….

I still haven’t received my answer, I am assuming he will just live off cottage cheese and lays potato chips for a while. Stay tuned.


Introduction of a Typical Soon-To-Be Wifey

For those who are daring enough to visit my page, I would first like to thank you. I must warn you that according to my personal man-child sitting on the other side of my laptop screen, much of what I say will be over dramatic and much more fun than what it may seem.

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Kelsey, many call me Kelso which may sound familiar, it’s from “That 70s Show.” I recently turned 21 which is a story in itself. I currently reside in a small town in Florida and I live with my Fiancé. Let me tell you, he is the best, most annoying, light of my life, most tiring, and most entertaining part of my life. On this page, I will be posting stories about how men are the biggest children that women will ever meet (no offense). As a reminder, I write all my stories in humor, not in anger and this blog is not meant to offend anyone.

Enjoy! 🙂

I've spent most of my mature life trying to prove that I'm not irresponsible. ~Orson Welles